Distribution Management System

Distribution Software
Distribution Software

Security: Get notified on login via SMS. No more mis use of your password.                  

SMS: Automized SMS system to deliver any SMS without human interaction.                  

Email: Automized Emailing system for sales related reports.

Imaging: All major options have document Image Saving for future use.                  

Inventory: Maintain stocks, Purchase, Sales,  Return etc all the heads are covered.                 

Invoicing: Define your discount & bonus policies. No need to remember.

Mobile Order: Use smart Sales Booking system via any android device.     

Receivables: Outstanding bills are secured, until and unless it is paid or stock is returned.

Cheques: Make Deposits on time no more missing of Cheques.

Date Controlled: No more wrong entries admin controls the date of working.

Reportings: In-depth reporting is present no more worries.     

Human Resource: Automized system for salary, advances, loans, targets etc.

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