Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software
Customer Relation Management
  • Easy to Integrate.

  • Dashboard reminders for ‘Follow-up’ Activities

  • Multiple Sales Reports/ Lead and Opportunity Statuses.

  • Advanced CRM Analytics & Sales Reporting Dashboard.

  • Role-based Security.

  • Track Opportunities against Activities (Phone Call, Meeting, Demo, etc.)

  • Opportunity Setup and Management

  • Schedule Future Activities

  • Track Activities, Sales Opportunities, Quotes, etc. by Contact

  • Activities & Sales Stages Setup

  • Sales Lead and Follow-up Tracking

  • Assign Opportunity to team members with email & SMS Alerts

  • Lead Generation & Conversion of Lead into Opportunity

  • Sales Lead Management

  • Contact Management / Account Management including Contacts & Prospects

  • Sales Lead Creation & Listing.

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